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Exciting things for 2015!

Exciting things are on tap for 2015.  In addition to a plethora of Pretty Big Deal duo and full band gigs at new venues throughout the Baltimore-Annapolis area, I'll also be slinging guitar and singing in the Celtic Band Empty Flask.  I joined up with these guys last year in May and I've played a couple of gigs in Frederick, Maryland and a Celtic Festival in Michigan with them.  We've been busy writing new tunes and converting some of my originals into more Celtic-flavored tunes.  We're excited to be getting back out in front of some crowds in early March to celebrate St. Paddy's Day/Week. 

I encourage you to follow my endeavors with Empty Flask on their website and their Facebook page. I'm going to include Empty Flask gigs on my gig calendar too, so check the calendar for upcoming gigs!


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